Why Asterion?

The word “Asterion” has 2 main meanings:

In Greek Mythology, Asterion was the King and Protector of Crete. He made the smartest decisions for his people, and his home, and made sure everyone was happy. He was kind, and humble, and was sure to keep watch over everyone he loved.

In medical terms, The Asterion is an anatomical landmark on the lateral aspect of the skull formed at the junction of the occipital bone, the temporal bone, and the parietal bone. In short, it is the junction that joins the back of your skull and protects your brain from damage by keeping the skull together. The Asterion is an essential part of the skull to protect your brain and other cranial essential tissues.

I named my company Asterion because of the two descriptions.

I feel that my role is more than that of a financial advisor - I see myself as a professional aiming to identify my client's goals and pursue their financial confidence.

Through our financial planning process, the advisors at Asterion Wealth Advisory Group aim to provide guidance and advice that our clients can implement today to preserve their assets with the goal of reducing the financial concerns they may have and provide them with a plan of action that they can follow. This way, they can spend time doing what is more important to them: living their lives.

All meanings of “Asterion” relate back to being a protector. I wanted my brand to be a representation of caring for the well-being of my clients. As the founder and CEO of Asterion Wealth Advisory Group, I looked for a meaningful name for my company. At Asterion Wealth building trust through a comprehensive financial process is our most important priority.

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